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Dates: 11 - 15 July

Place: Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The conference will cover all the topics of Statistical Physics:

A. Foundations and theoretical aspects of classical, quantum and relativistic statistical physics and thermodynamics.

B. Mathematical aspects and methods: formalism, rigorous results, exact solutions, connections with the methods of high energy physics, string theory, mathematical statistics and information theory.

C. Nonequilibrium systems: classical, quantum and relativistic transport theory, Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck kinetics, nonlinear kinetics, dynamical systems, relaxation phenomena, random systems, chemical reactions, pattern formation etc.

D. Applications to physical systems: quantum systems, soft condensed matter, plasmas, fluids, surfaces and interfaces, disordered and glassy systems etc.

E. Interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics: biophysics, econophysics, social systems, networks, traffic flow, algorithmic problems, complex systems, etc.

F. Numerical Physics: Numerical methods and computer simulations in statistical physics, condensed mater, complex systems etc.

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