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Dates: 16-21 June 2013

Place: Pisa, Italy

1. From monomers to polymers; New feedstocks and biotech resources; Novel synthetic routes 
Organized by D. Caretti, S. Hvilsted, E. Malstrom, M. Meier

2. Advanced characterization and analysis of polymer structure, processability and final properties 
Organized by G. Guerra, A. Galeski, L. Klentjens, V. Khunova

3. Polymers at surfaces and interfaces across multiple length scales; Polymers and nanotechnology 
Organized by R. Bongiovanni, O. Ikkala, A. R. Khokhlov, K. J. Wynne

4. Biobased and biorelated polymeric materials; Environmental applications 
Organized by M. Malinconico, S. Slomkowski, M. Zigon

5. Polymers and sustainable development: Energy saving and recovery; Food applications; Recycling and life cycle assessment 
Organized by P. Lomellini, P. Halley, M. Ivankovic, R. W. Lang

6. Polymers for biomedicine, pharmaceutics, and healthcare systems 
Organized by M. Laus, O. Philippova, J. San Roman, N. Tirelli

7. Polymers for energy, optics, photonics, and electronics 
Organized by R. Po’, M. Omastova, T. Ikeda, J. Stejksal

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