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Dates: 6-31 July 2009

Place: Les Houches


The goal of the summer school is to present to students and researchers an integrated view of new trends and challenges in physical and mathematical aspects of biomechanics. Emphasis will be given on continuum theories and models for biological systems, essentially based on continuum mechanics, fluid or solid and their interaction. The school will be organized around 4 principal themes addressing both state-of-the-art theoretical (physics, theoretical mechanics, mathematics) aspects and applications. The main field of applications will be in the biology of the cell, plants and microbes, and in physiology.

BioMechanics and nonlinear elasticity 
Principles of nonlinear continuum mechanics and elasticity, Ray Ogden (Glasgow)
Mechanics of rubber materials and soft tissues, Giuseppe Saccomandi (Perugia)

BioPolymers, Networks, and Active Gels 
Active fluids and gels, Frank Julicher (Dresden)
BioNetworks, Fred Mackintosh (Amsterdam)

Life in fluids and the physics of multicellularity, Ray Goldstein (Cambridge)
BioRobotics, Peko Hosoi (MIT)

Physiology and Morphogenesis
Mechanics of biological growth, Ellen Kuhl (Stanford)
Mechanics of cancer, Luigi Preziosi (Torino)

The physics of the cell membrane, Martine Ben Amar and Martin M. Müller (ENS-Paris)
Surface tension, wetting, and biology, John Bush (MIT)
BioRheology: from molecules to tissues, Pasquale Ciarletta (ENS-Paris)
Morpho-elasticity, Alain Goriely (Tucson-Arizona)
Genetics and mechanics, Michel Labouesse (IGBMC-Strasbourg)
Mechanics of DNA, John Maddocks (EPFL-Lausanne)
Mixing in Active and Viscoelastic Fluids, Michael Shelley (Courant-New York)
Microbial mechanics, Michael Tabor, (Tucson-Arizona)

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