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Main » 2008 » November » 4 » Degradable physical gels as drug carriers
Degradable physical gels as drug carriers
physical gelThe most promising drug delivery systems are based on degradable physical gels. The target is the control of the gel architecture: structure and size of crosslinks, the distances between the hydrophobic nuclei that will store the drug, the strength of the drug binding, the drug partition coefficient and diffusion coefficients. The control of these variables will allow for a fine tuning and adjustment of the release rate and drug density profile inside the gel for a given particular need. Such modeling problems are not yet solved except in several empirical models, only suitable for one particular system. Any qualitative knowledge as well as any modeling tool will have a high impact in this domain. These gels are designed for prolonged delivery of drugs and there is a strong industrial need for a further development of this theoretical method. The system of particular interest is hydrogels PEO-PLA-PEO, where the cores of the gels are formed of Poly-Lactic acid, degrading under physiological conditions to metabolites.
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